Join Us

Imagine creating a better world by being a better you.  Imagine a Western Washington where there is synergy and unity amongst a vast array of leaders like you working for social change. Imagine working with a spirit of joy, equanimity, liberation, and a deep care and respect for differences. Imagine all of this culminating in a powerful force that is co-creating a more just, compassionate and sustainable region.

At Leading from the Heart, we are working toward this vision. We are part of a national effort to help change the world by investing in individual and collective leadership. We have seen that social change work is more powerful, effective, and sustainable when we use a transformational approach to leadership, organizational development, and movement building. Our programs will help you:

  • Strengthen your leadership capacity.
  • Connect with like-valued leaders committed to social and environmental justice in a safe, trust-building environment.
  • Learn how to successfully engage with an increasingly diverse population.
  • Build your capacity to remain calm, resilient, and self aware in the face of growing complexity and ambiguity.
  • Foster the collaboration needed to inspire creative solutions to our greatest challenges.

Our programs are based on the belief that our ability to heal the world is bound to our ability to heal, sustain, and be present to ourselves and others. That includes leading from our heart, as well as our minds. Won’t you join us?