Our Approach

We believe that to make significant progress in addressing today’s problems, leaders, organizations —and our community — need to take a balanced approach that includes:

_MG_3722Rest and Renewal – The constant state of urgency and need to “do more with less” leave many social change leaders on the verge of burnout and their organizations in frenzy mode. Taking time for rest and reflection is a key factor in helping to sustain our work, and ourselves. Our retreats in our Deeper Dive program give leaders this opportunity.

Reawakening and Reconnecting – With this rest and renewal we can reawaken our spirits, our visions, and see with new eyes the possibilities before us and areas in which we personally have to change and grow to bring about the change we want to see in the world. This includes tapping into our creativity, our inner wisdom, and leading from a place of love. It means integrating our whole selves into our work and our lives, and reconnecting with ourselves and each other at an authentic level.  It means looking deeply at our biases, our power and our privilege in order to help heal ourselves and our world. And it means turning from a culture of fear and anger to one of love and possibility. Leading from the Heart provides practices and tools that will help you and your organization be more conscious, awake, and present.

_MG_3617Reimagining and Recreating – Bringing our future vision to fruition requires a new way of being. As Spirit in Action articulates (www.spiritinaction.net), “In order to generate a just world, we must be able to imagine what a society based on partnership, inclusion, and interdependence looks like.” Leading from the Heart’s Deeper Dive program provides an opportunity for leaders to imagine and create and new collective liberating vision and narrative for change.

Recommitting and Reforming – With this awakening and imagining, we come to the place of recommitment to change and reform both for ourselves and for society. We know that change happens at the structural and systemic level as well as internal personal level. Many of our systems and structures are broken. By being together over a period of time in our Deeper Dive program, you will have the opportunity to be open to potential organic collaborations that will get at the systemic change we want to see in the world.

_MG_3629Resources – Organizations and movements working for social change need a higher level of investment in their work, plain and simple. Leading from the Heart doesn’t have financial resources in which to support those involved in our program – yet. But it’s our vision to work toward engaging in deeper conversations to help make that happen.