Our Team

Many creative and committed individuals have been involved in the birth and design of Leading from the Heart. For all of the loving labor and sweat we give thanks! This page lists our:

Current Retreat Facilitators

Natasha head shotNatasha Aruliah, B.A., M.Ed. (Counseling Psychology) is a member of our Core Leadership Team and has been an integral part of our Design Team. She has worked as a counselor and therapist with a range of clients in a variety of settings both in Canada and the UK. Working with clients who experienced oppression and marginalization and her own lived experiences, led to her work in social justice focusing not only on internal change, but also external and systemic change. Read more....

As an advocate, activist and change agent she has worked both within organizations, as well as independently and internationally, for over 20 years. She now works as a consultant and facilitator in all areas of diversity, social justice, equity, and inclusion. In addition to designing and facilitating programs in a variety of settings, Natasha is on faculty and facilitates courses at the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Intercultural Communication and the Justice Institute of BC’s Department of Counseling and Community Safety.

LeAnne Moss 1

LeAnne Moss is the Founder of Leading from the Heart and is on the Core Leadership Team and was on the Design Team. With more than 20 years experience as an executive director for social change organizations, LeAnne understands the demands, rigors and joys of working for social justice. Prior to starting LFTH, LeAnne spent nearly 15 years at the helm of the Women’s Funding Alliance, and before that she started and operated a micro-enterprise organization in Michigan. Read more....

LeAnne’s passion is the integration of inner work with social action, and sees this as the vital force to bringing about the change we need in the world.  Her other passions are spending time in the wilderness, playing with her cats, being with family, and writing odd and funny lyrics to songs.

Victoria_Santos_Print_Victoria Santos guides groups and individuals in meditative explorations drawn from the Realization Process®. Developed by Judith Blackstone, this process is a body-centered approach to personal and spiritual healing and maturity. Victoria also regularly assists Sobonfu Somé – one of the foremost voices in African spirituality to come to the West – in leading grief rituals according to the Dagara traditions of Burkina Faso. Read more....

She co-directs the non-profit Sister Island Project, which promotes diversity awareness, cultural exchange and sustainable development in the Dominican Republic. Victoria serves as Program Manager with Young Women Empowered, a Seattle-area non-profit, where she trains adult women mentors in the skills of effectively mentoring young women.  She also guides group processes in other settings: Seattle community activist meetings dedicated to fostering a thriving African-American community in the face of gentrification; Retreat gatherings in California and Washington State for social and creative leaders.

Past Retreat Facilitators

christineChristine Cruz Guiao is a queer Filipina-American. A veteran of the social justice non-profit world, she also has extensive experience as a Healer and Spiritual Guide as well as in organizing and leading wilderness retreats. She currently leads and organizes the monthly meditation classes, and regularly holds meditation and Sound Healing workshops at organizations such as Seattle University, Shoreline Community College, Filipino Community Center of Seattle, and YouthSource, a program for previously-incarcerated youth. Read more....

As a cultural worker and artist, Christine has organized and performed all over the Pacific Northwest. In addition to her work as a healing artist, she has over 16 years experience in Marketing and Outreach in several social justice and environmental nonprofit organizations. Christine and her partner, April Nishimura, are founders of Zenyu. Christine has been an Advisor for us, a facilitator for our 2012 sampler retreat, and will continue to advise and potentially facilitate portions of our Deeper Dive program. Learn more about Christine here.

yarrow2Yarrow Durbin is the principal and owner of CourageWork LLC, an organization focused on helping individuals and teams facing complex challenges to strengthen their smarts and hearts. She is a certified Integral Coach, working with individuals to integrate heart, mind, and body, a workshop presenter, and meeting/retreat facilitator. Among other things, she is also certified in Polarity Management the EQ in Action assessment, both of which will be integrated into our Deeper Dive program. Read more....

For over a dozen years she has been a Courage and Renewal facilitator, integrating the work of Dr. Parker J. Palmer into groups to help them join soul and role to live a life of courage and authenticity. Her passion is helping people who care deeply for their organizations, communities, and planet rekindle their sense of authenticity, purpose and aliveness. Yarrow has led trainings, coaching sessions, retreats and workshops on conflict, difficult conversations, working with difficult behaviors, Immunity to Change, and related topics with organizations and teams. She has been an Advisor to us, a facilitator on our sampler retreat in 2012, and she will be on the facilitation team to  focus on polarity work and the EQ assessment. Yarrow’s website.

Joel Levey Leading from the HeartJoel Levey, Ph.D., has devoted the past 45 years of his life to the intensive study, practice, and teaching of wisdom teachings and modern sciences that enhance the wisdom, compassion, resilience, creativity, and collective intelligence that individuals and communities can bring to life. He is is cofounder of Wisdom at Work and his pioneering work has inspired leaders and teams in hundreds of leading organizations around the globe. Read more....

Joel serves as faculty for University of Minnesota Medical School and Bastyr University, and has served as graduate faculty for Mahidol University in Thailand and the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad.  He directed the Biofeedback and Stress Management Clinic and Pain Center for Group Health HMO, one of the world’s very first mindfulness and mind-fitness based medical programs, and is recognized as a pioneer bringing these practices into the mainstream organizational, medical, sports, and educational arenas in the 70’s and 80’s. Joel and his beloved wife Michelle were recognized by the Institute of Noetic Sciences as leading “teachers of transformation.”  The Leveys’ published works include: Living in Balance: A Mindful Guide for Thriving in a Complex World; Wisdom at Work; Luminous Mind: The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, and Meditation: Ancient Skills for Modern Times. Joel was a facilitator at our 2012 sampler retreat, has been an Advisor to us, and will jump in as needed during the retreats. Learn more about Joel’s work.

April Nishimura 2

April Nishimura  is an experienced facilitator, and has trained hundreds of people on building sustainable movements for change & ending racism and homophobia. In 2008, April developed and co-taught the University of Washington’s first course on mixed-race studies. She has also developed numerous curricula related to trauma, healthy relationships and structural oppression, including leading the Queer Networking Program to address domestic violence and sexual abuse in LGBTQI relationships at the Asian Pacific Islander Women & Family Safety Center. Read more....

April co-leads Zenyu with her partner Christine Cruz Guia. In her private practice, April is a Structural Medicine Specialist (doing hands-on body therapy) & yoga teacher. April has been an Advisor for us, a facilitator for our 2012 sampler retreat, and will continue to advise and potentially facilitate portions of our Deeper Dive program. Learn more about  April here.

SaroeumSarouem Phoung is a masterful circle keeper, teacher and spirit leader. He has many years of experience leading circles process to provide healing and transformation for individuals and communities dealing with the challenges of violence, racism, and inequity that are present in many of our communities. Saroeum learned to lead peacemaking circles from the Tagish Tlingit First Nation as a way to share power, include more community voices, and build relationships that foster healing and hope. Read more....

Saroeum was born in Cambodia and immigrated to the US during the Pol Pot regime via refugee camps in Thailand and the Philippines. Settling in East Boston he faced the all-to-common difficulties of immigrant life – cultural difference, racism, and violence.  Through his work with Roca, a community values-led youth serving organization, he experienced personal transformation and became a staff member.  Saroeum continues to bring healing and transformation to communities across the United States, and is doing a lot of this work in the Seattle area via the Center for Ethical Leadership. Saroeum is part of our Facilitation Team.


Teresa Posakony is part of our Core Leadership Team and was part of our Design Team. She has worked nationally and globally for the last 20 years on leadership, change and dialogue. Her specialty is designing and hosting events, meetings and change efforts as well as working with groups who want to build cultures of shared leadership, engagement and innovation (http://artofhosting.org). Read more....

Her social change and social justice efforts have included extensive work with faith communities living compassion in action; 13 years as part of a trans-local non-profit building statewide community networks focused on family and community resilience; community based strategic planning with the Quinault Indian Nation, and work with a multitude of  non-profits and community based organizations. Her business,  Emerging Wisdom, is dedicated to helping groups work together to bring about change by tapping into our innate wisdom. She lives in a secret garden on a creek in the city and brings that magic with her. She has a distinctive laugh, and her favorite part of parenting was getting to be a kid again – play, dance, & sing with abandon – that, and embarrassing her teen daughter by dancing in public!

Alan Wong

Alan Wong is an innovative trainer, educator, and artist who leads professional development, youth empowerment and leadership workshops throughout North America and beyond. As a facilitator and educator, Alan is known for leading engaging and inspiring trainings which provide participants with practical tools for re-imagining and revitalizing their lives and work. Read more....

In Alan’s retreat programs he aims to build honest and heart-centered learning communities, where participants access their deepest wisdom, compassion and joy, while strengthening their commitment to social justice and collective liberation. You will find Alan at some of our retreats integrating his creative exercises and songs. Alan’s website 

Thank You

Special recognition also goes to Gloria Burgess, Christine Cruz Guiao, April Nishimura, Kavitha Rao, Joel Levey, Yarrow Durbin, Taj Johns, Adrienne Maree Brown, who provided guidance during the design process.

Advisory and Governing Committee

Lupita Ayon, Executive Director, Para Los Ninos

Andrea Caupain, CEO, Centerstone

Bill Grace, leadership facilitator, teacher, and consultant.

Marcos Martinez, Executive Director, Entre Hermanos

LeAnne Moss (see bio, above)

Victoria Santos (see bio, above)

Early Volunteers

Many people were involved in a variety of ways during our first phase of planning and thinking. Special recognition goes to Donna Bellew for co-chairing our first Advisory Committee and assisting with the assessment interviews. Others who have been involved in some way – whether collective conversation or committee work — and who aren’t listed above include: Bill Aal, Karen G. Anderson, Lupita Ayon, Susan Balbas, Jane Barry, Elsa Batres-Boni, Jill Blair, Evie Boykan, Beth Brent, Carol Brown, Mary Kay Chess, Sharon Daloz Parks, Julie Edsforth, Barbara Fane, Scott Garrepy, Lynn Hagerman, Alissa Haslam, Briana Herman-Brand, Lillian Hewko, Andrew Himes, Heather Johnson, LaJuana Johnson, Annie Jones-Barnes, Bill Koenig, Steve Lansing, Ashley Leasure, Michelle Levey, Marcos Martinez, Julie Nelson, Dale Nienow, Christa Mazzone Palmberg, Wendy Nakatsukasa-Ono, April Pace, Todd Paglia, Laura Pierce, Liezl Rebugio, Valerie Reuther, Denise Rhiner, Gibran Rivera, Amy Schottenstein, Theron Shaw, Sharyne Shiu-Thornton, Beverly Spears, Anne Tillery, Pradeepta Upadhyay, Greg Welch, Dan Whitelaw Harris, and Ada Williams Prince.

And thanks to the Center for Courage and Renewal and Cardea, both of which served as early fiscal sponsors.

We apologize if we missed someone and hope you will contact us to let us know!