Transformational Leadership Capacities

The word “transformation” has quickly become a buzz word.  For us, transformational leadership means that you are helping to create positive change that is not reversible.  You are able to navigate the realities of our time with presence, maturity, flexibility, and adaptability.  You realize that the answers to problems aren’t necessarily tied up with a neat bow, and you are able to navigate through the complexity and paradoxes. You inspire and lead others not through command and control but through a shared vision, humility, and moral courage.

Transformational leadership is not created in a vacuum.  It requires community, which is why our program is organized in community.  And our transformational leadership capacities are meant to be viewed from the individual as well as collective level.  So as each individual develops the capacity to be present, that will strengthen the collective’s capacity to be present. These capacities were created through research and conversation, and guide the curriculum.

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