Six-session Cohort: White Privilege and Wealth Privilege…When You Have Both

We are at a critical sociopolitical moment. While people of color have been aware that racial inequities continue to exist, it’s been easy for us white people to “coast”, thinking that we are in a post-racial society. That is clearly not the case. Having wealth privilege in addition to white privilege adds another layer of complexity.

Leading from the Heart is offering a six-session cohort for white people of wealth to reflect on the intersection of white and wealth privilege. The goal of this reflection is informed action. In this program you will:

LEARN about racial injustice and whiteness and how they shape us; build our ability to recognize and interrupt their manifestations within ourselves, our relationships, and our institutions;

REFLECT on your relationship to whiteness and wealth privilege;

PRACTICE being “comfortable with discomfort”, responding to feedback, and engaging in challenging, authentic conversations from a grounded, centered place;

CONNECT with others who are on the same journey; 

ACT on your awareness and reflections to work for racial healing and justice in your personal philanthropy and beyond.

Sessions will involve a mixture of readings, videos, discussions and most likely one opportunity to talk with Dr. Robin DiAngelo, nationally renowned speaker, facilitator, and author ( Leading from the Heart will be holding an interracial retreat in winter/spring that participants may decide to join.


Sessions will begin on October 9th with a three-hour introduction session.

Monthly or semi-monthly sessions will follow[1] which will be 90-120 minutes in length. Participants will have an assignment before the first session and in between sessions.

[1] Whether monthly or semi-monthly will depend on the schedules of the group members. Sessions will be held in the Seattle area.


Because this is a pilot program, there is no set fee but a suggested donation range of $300-$900, the majority of which will be used to support scholarships for our 2018 interracial retreat(s). Donations will also be used for curriculum materials and any speaker fees.

Note: This program is best suited for people who are ready to challenge themselves. The space is meant to be both safe and rigorous to spark deep transformation. Space is limited to 12 participants.

Facilitator Biography

Portrait of LeAnne Moss

LeAnne Moss

LeAnne is the Co-Founder of Leading from the Heart (LFTH) based in Seattle, and is also the Interim Executive Director of Para Los Ninos. With more than 20 years of experience as an executive director for social change organizations, LeAnne understands the demands, rigors and joys of working for social justice. Prior to starting LFTH, LeAnne spent nearly 15 years at the helm of the Seattle-based Women’s Funding Alliance and founded and directed a micro-enterprise organization in Michigan.

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